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English Version:

I’m always thinking about writing a new About Me for my blog and today is the day. The Chinese version was written about a year ago, and I got really new ideas and thoughts after the year 2013. Though a little out of date, I will keep the Chinese version as a reminder to tell myself to be always ready to embrace changes!

Now the time is 19:13 2014-01-10 and I will give a short introduction to myself.

Finally after one year, I can call myself a developer or programmer since I’m really trying to dive into the world of computer, source code, whatever. I’m fond of lots of things in computer and internet, currently I’m kind of like playing with Linux, Embedded systems and cool Web development.

As an age of information, I would like to give my SNS pages:

Currently I’m pursuing my master’s degree at NLPR – Robot Vision Group and focus on CV(Computer Vision), expecting to graduate in 2015.06 if everything goes well. Also I serve as the President of Open Source Software Club of Chinese Academy of Sciences(OSSC-CAS), organize open source events such as SFD, help with varies of Linux Release Parties(Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, etc) and other kinds of open source activities.

For sports, basketball is my favorite, then roller-skating and swimming maybe. I’m kind of a guy who loves to make friends and share good things to others, so feel free to contact me at:


BTW, I’m busy fighting with the GFW just now since I’ve not configured my ladder yet on my mac.

This site is proudly powered by Github and Octopress and hustcalm.

Chinese Version:

如果你到了这个页面,多少说明你对博主(也就是本人:-D)或者博客的标题有些兴趣。Pandora’s Box,即潘多拉的盒子,为什么给Blog这个命名词呢?

实不相瞒,本人一直以CALM或hustcalm行走江湖(就是现在的网络啦:-D),在利用Github Pages(Many Thanks To Github Here)部署了Octopress Blog后,命名为CALM’s Magic Box,原因是之前利用Wordpress建站的名字是”CALM的玩具铺子”。无奈Free的Hosting,Free的Domain Name灰常不给力,.tk域名几乎一夜之间全部被GFW收去了。而在英勇地现身给GFW后,却一直对Personal Website念念不忘!

作为一名屌丝程序员,尽管我不觉得自己是一名程序员,呃:-D。自然喜欢Free的东西(都是Linux教给我们的啊:–):–))。明白了Website的Stack后,不再对免费的Hosting抱有幻想,因此燃起了对VPS的热情(Dedicated Server就别想了,亲),狠狠地鄙视了一把虚拟主机。相中傲游主机后,下手晚了,悲剧。再比较几家VPS服务商,完美主义作祟,相中了Linode家的,而此时再次显出出屌丝程序员的特质,木有钱!!! 想起”像黑客一样写文章”的Octopress以及大火的Github,准备先安家于此,正式开始懒人的Blog生涯,记录些技术点滴,分享写生活琐事。目前准备入手个域名,观望中…目前域名hustcalm.me,购自name.com,推荐大家使用他家的服务。