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Making Your Slides the Awesome Way

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People will always find themselves making varies of slides for demo or promotion or report, whatever. Most would know how to make a slide ,right? PPT would be the first choice to majority of people. For web developers, they would produce their slides in HTML + CSS + Javascript? And for researchers or people in academic area, will they use Latex or the popular beamer class?

We do have kinds of approaches to make us slids work, but what is the awesome way? To be awesome, I mean the sides should look nice, easy to control its typeset and should maintain the same when playing at different devices or different software. Of course, the way to write your slide could be awesome too:–)

I will simply go through what choices that we have, what’s the advantage disadvantage, and finally choose the way that you think is awesome to you.

Choices for making slides

The normal way – PPT or Keynote

I bet that this is the most adaptive way for people to get presentations done. On Windows and Linux, we use Office, specifically speaking the Powerpoint or Impress shipped with LibreOffice.

On Mac, people use Keynote a lot.

I won’t make it long, see this for a fabulous discussion at:

Cool way utilizing browser – HTML + CSS

Yes, yes, we only need Browers and Terminals for our computer, right? Exaggerated enough, but browsers are really doing everything for us, including showing the slides, go to slideshare for a vivid experience. However, the slides showed on slideshare is powered by Flash, so do others who provide similar services.

No Flash, let’s see how to make slides using just HTML and CSS.

A good tutorial goes here:

Awesome way using Latex – beamer

Geek enough, but maybe mostly used by hackers and researchers, Latex – beamer is definitely awesome. It’s like you are composing a literature when writing your slides.

For getting started with Latex – beamer, See:

Awesome way for making slides

To me, the awesome would be to use HTML + CSS or beamer. Why? Simply because they are cross platform naturely and it’s really flexible when creating slides by writing plain markup files or something like that.

Choose your awesome way

Most of the times, you will find the ways or methods are not the essential things, the contents and the way you represent is the key. So just choose the right way for you, making it your awesome way. I believe everyone will make a perfect job once he gets skillful enough.

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