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Know Your Website Better Using Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Authorship

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I happened to get to know Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Authorship Markup when I try to tweak my Octopress website. Found that Google is really doing lots of interesting things for our websites, I will share some useful tips and links here.

Google Webmaster Tools

Go to Official Webmasters to get started, first try to look around to know what Webmasters aims to do. After that, login to Webmaster Tools , add your website by clicking Add Website, then verify the website according to the hints.

As long as you have claimed the owership of your website, you can see the dashboard for detailed information. You can submit your sitemap, see the search query statistics, the status of your website.

Explore more to find something more exciting:–)

To be more professional, see Webmaster Guidelines.

Google Analytics

Even better, Google Analytics will let you know every single click from users to your website. See Analytics features for complete lists to know what Analytics can do. Initially set up for commercial use or marketing promotion, we can adapt this technique to our personal website.

Also, look carefully about your website report, I bet you will find something interesting. For developers, there are Developer Guides & Reference for Google Analytics.

Google Authorship

Well, it would be cool to attribute the article or post to its author, Google Authorship is the one who helps.

See the professional article The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup for details. To test if you have successfully set your authorship, use Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

As for me, I verified my authorship through my Email related to my domain bought from name.com. Simple Enable Email Service through the domain dashboard, you can set up a forward Email for your owned domain Email address.

Google FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a service for RSS subscribe. It’s flexible enough and ease your pain when switching domains.

After you add your blog to feedburner, it supports RSS readers by default. So if you want your readers to subscribe through their Emails, go to your feeds and click Publicize, then click Email Subscriptions, down the page to click Active to make the service alive.

See other tabs of your feeds, there are really lots of for you to tweak and play with.

When you find blogging more interesting and part of your life, it’s time to give an eye for your website status and traffic. I used to blog for just expressing myself, but now I also tend to write something that readers would enjoy.

Hope this post would get you to know with the Google tools that you can use and make you a better blogger:–)