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What Is Socket Anyway?

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I bet you’ve heard of socket for a while, but do you really know what is a socket?

This post is a quick getting-started for figuring out the basic concepts of socket and hopefully enpowers you to begin writing simple network programming snippets. It aims to bootstrap your understanding to socket and network programming and serves as a good starting point to truth. From definition to practice and deep into research, let’s start the venture!

The definition

Let history and standards tell everything.

Unix or Internet

See what the freebsd gurus say.

Unix socket deeper

Code tells the truth.

Network Programming Go

Practices make best.

What’s Next

Wonder how to implement a HTTP server, like Apache or Nginx, you’d better implement a simple, stupid but your own one.

Well, this is really where it hurts. Catch up with the paper, conquer it or give up early!