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KGTP中增加对GDB命令“set Trace-buffer-size”的支持 - Week 1

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CSDN开源夏令营 – 第一周工作总结



T大把KGTP称为Linux内核中的GDB快刀,其全称是Linux kernel GDB tracepoint module,是一个灵活轻量级实时的Linux调试器和跟踪器。

Linux的tracer infrastructure五花八门,包括Ftrace,Utrace等,建议大家参考一下这篇paper,【Ptrace, Utrace, Uprobes: Lightweight, Dynamic Tracing of User Apps】,下载链接在:[2]。Tracer在收集信息的时候不停止Linux内核,但是不能被GDB控制。

Review of Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects - From a Technical Perspective

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After being the reviewer for the BeagleBone Robotic Projects, I’m honored to be the reviewer for another book about robotic projects named Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects. I will go no further to talk about the differences about BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi, all I know is that they are both cool and amazing. To start to play with Raspberry Pi, I suggest that you can list the book Raspberry Pi Robotics Projects as an option.

In this post, I will give you a very quick overview of the book and tell why it’s worth it.

What Is Socket Anyway?

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I bet you’ve heard of socket for a while, but do you really know what is a socket?

This post is a quick getting-started for figuring out the basic concepts of socket and hopefully enpowers you to begin writing simple network programming snippets. It aims to bootstrap your understanding to socket and network programming and serves as a good starting point to truth. From definition to practice and deep into research, let’s start the venture!

Build PTAM on Fedora 20 the Easy Way - 10 Minutes Tutorial

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It’s been a while since the last post PTAM Compilation on Linux-HowTo about playing with PTAM. And now Isis Innovation has released the source code under GPLv3 and put it on Github.

Last time, we demostrate detailed instructions on how to get PTAM running on Debian derived systems(Linux Mint 15 and Ubuntu 12.04), now I want talk about building the source code on Fedora 20. It won’t be long, since I just want to talk about the key components, thus the mandatory dependencies(TooN, libCVD, Gvars3, OpenGL, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, etc).

Look Inside Mongoose - an Easy to Use Web Server Implementation

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I come across with Network Programming recently and find it really charming. Afer reading the book “Advanced Linux Programming”, I’m more curious about how to implement a basic http server or web server.

The source code of chapter 11 of “ALP” does tell the key idea, thus communicating through sockets between client and server, for HTTP compliance, just implement the HTTP protocal(RFC 2616). To know the things better, I’d like to know how to implement a core and basic HTTP server. You may know ‘Apache’, ‘NginX’ and ‘Lighttpd’ for a while, and they do lead the main tread. Basically, they are heavy enough to begin to know a basic HTTP server implementation.